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“Our mission is to increase public awareness for knowing CPR and how to use an automatic external defibrillator(AED).  As emergency medical workers we will utilize our experience to educate the community about the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. Our goal is to increase the cardiac arrest survival rate by providing Emergency Medical Health Education and training throughout the community. “



It was the summer of 2005 when a group of 5 paramedics met to discuss a proactive strategy to save lives. The question that we sought to answer was how best to use our experience and expertise as paramedics from the Philadelphia Fire Department to improve the health and welfare of the community.

When reflecting on the outcome of numerous emergency calls that we have responded to, it is obvious to us in many cases that the community does not recognize a medical emergency soon enough. As a direct result of this lack of knowledge persons are in a worsened medical condition or will have lost their life. Over time our vision became clearer. We must lead the charge to provide Emergency Medical Health Education throughout the community.

The first task before us was to find places within the community for our program to grow. Where would we provide this training, were questions yet to be answered. We are very fortunate to have gained tremendous support from the Philadelphia Fire Fighters’ Union Local #22 and the Valiants. These organization have provided us their facilities for us to conduct our CPR trainings. We will forever be grateful and thankful for their support.

It was also important for us to have the support of the present Philadelphia Fire Department’s Commisioner Lloyd Ayers. His support and encouragement has been beneficial for our growth and acceptance  throughout the community.

The next question was who should we target to train. After attending several community meetings we decided to offer the training to registered “block captains”. Presently we provide free CPR training to Philadelphia block captains.

Our next target was to provide training to faith-based organizations and other community groups. From our experience the Philadelphia Fire Department has an increase call volume to places of worship on Sundays. Tens of thousands of Philadelphians are sitting in places of worship between Saturday and Sunday. We have responded to countless emergency calls to places of worship to find congregants not prepared for a medical emergency.

There are simple steps that can be taken prior to the arrival of emergency medical services that could make the differance between life and death. We are thankful for a grant that we have received from State Senator Leanna Washington to provide training to faith-based and community organizations.

We than focus our attention on equipping Philadelphia Recreation Centers with defibrillators. A meeting with Dr. Robinson, who is was the Deputy Health Commissioner of Philadelphia suggested that we team up with the Dainel E. Rump Foundation(DER II). This organization which is headed by Marcus Owens. His family  suffered the tragic lost of their love one Danny, who suddenly died while playing basketball at the than Mallery recreation(Germantown Philadelphia) center.  Danny nor his family knew he had a heart condition.

The DER II  Foundation was finally given the green light to raise money to start equipping the recreation centers with defibrillators. Our organization is proud to provide the necessary support and training needed for this program. To date all Philadelphia recreation centers are equipped with defibrillators programs. A historic first for Philadelphia!!

All places where large groups of people gather should consider how they would respond to a medical emergency. It is quite common that precautions and certain interventions are taken in the event of a fire. There are certain safety devices like fire exstinguishers to manage a small fire.  Within our society these fire safety measure are often mandatory.

Medical emergencies are far more common with less persons knowing what to do or how to respond. Our organization is committed to leading the charge to provide Emergency Medical Health Education throughout the community. This necessary education will ultimately lead to a more health conscious community.
Ultimately more lives will be saved.

As medical cost and expenses continue to rise to unsustainable heights here in America the drumbeat for awareness and prevention will become louder. Our organization is committed and dedicated to increasing awareness for a more health conscious community.

What is most important is that you can help us! Our goal is to increase the cardiac arrest survival rate here in Philadelphia and abroad. What is needed is to have more person trained in CPR and know how to use a defibrillator. Currently you have only a 5% chance of surviving cardiac arrest here in Philadelphia. far to often the public is not providing CPR for their loves when the paramedics arrive onscene. Will you help us change these statistics?

Does your company or business need CPR training? Does your business need to aquire a defibrillator program.? To date we have provided CPR training and certifications to over 1800 persons. We have provided defibrillator programs to dozens of organizations.

We look forward to providing training and or a defibrillator to your organization. Please call us today to request CPR/First AID training or a defibrillator program. Your support of our program helps us to further our goal to provide Emergency Medical Health Education throughout the community. Thank you.