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CPAT Network, Inc

CPAT Network, Inc, providing American Heart Association CPR, first aid, certification classes for Philadelphia, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas every Friday(1-877-277-1566 text 215-669-5567). 

Official CPR Trainers for the Phillies, United Way of Philadelphia, City of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, and the Philadelphia School District

Supporter of Pulsepoint for Montgomery County Pa. and throughout the greater
Philadelphia area.

UTRA DECON SOLUTIONS is an additional service provided under CPAT Network
to help address the prevention of Covid illness throughout the community.  Stay tune
for more details. If interested you can reach us at [email protected].
Stay tune for scheduled classes/ CALENDAR

About CPAT Network, Inc

We are a community based charitable organization(501(c) 3) striving to increase public awareness for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation(CPR) training and the need for greater public access for Automatic External Defibrillators(AEDs).

  • Created by 911 trained and experienced paramedics from the Philadelphia Fire Department
  • We are American Heart Association CPR & First AID Instructors
  • CPR/AED training for nursing homes, community groups, churches, schools, all businesses/medical practices, daycare centers, and individuals
  • We extend our sincere gratitude for the financial support and encouragement from the Philadelphia Foundation. This organization has provided the necessary help for us to get started. The Philadelphia Foundation has received CPR training and certification through our organization. 

Congrats to *Montgomery County  becoming a Pulsepoint Community an endeavor we helped to introduce and support.

Citizen Responders Rewards Club™ (An original concept created to provide ongoing education with points and rewards through competition)

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Call 1.877.277.1566
Text 215.669.5567